This is your Life

Mindfulness is so beautifully simple
May 8, 2018
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This is your Life

‘This is your life’ as they used to say on the TV show created by Ralph Edwards back in the 1950s. A person was chosen and surprised. Then the surprised person would be taken through a retrospective of their life where they were greeted by all the people that were impressed and impacted by them over the years. All their achievements would be celebrated. All the fun times remembered. Their life was all neatly encapsulated in a book that the host read from, and then handed to them at the end of the show saying the famous catch-phrase ‘This is your life’.

The show was originally created to boost the morale of a paraplegic soldier. Its aim was to present the happier times of the past and the promise of a brighter future by showing the person’s contribution to their community. It was a reflection of how someone had lived their life, brought together by the people they had touched during their life (and a good TV research team!).

The value of coaching is that it supports you as you take ownership of this book now before someone else hands it to you.

You decide the life you want and work towards it, and your coach is there beside you shoulder-to-shoulder to support you. The value of coaching is that it is a proactive transformation. It is your life and you decide the direction. You define the success and how to measure it. You take the steps and then you achieve your goals and transform your life.

That makes it sound very simple, doesn’t it?

If it was simple, everyone would have achieved everything they wanted and needed already. But it is not simple or easy, it requires clarity, bravery, persistence and resilience for the times when things don’t go your way. It requires the ability to see around challenges and keep the faith in yourself and your desired life.

However, sometimes we cannot see what is right in front of us until we go on the journey. The blind spots are hiding important details and a coach can challenge you to ‘adjust those rear-view mirrors’ and see more clearly what is surrounding you. Through coaching, you build your self-awareness, and your ability see your priorities and the stories that you tell yourself with more clarity.

A great coach reminds you of your own wisdom.

Coaching is not mentoring; you won’t be told what to do. What’s the point in that? You must own your life and know you own it. The decisions that you take are yours, the dreams that you have are yours. And if you find that your coach is instructing you and telling you want you should do, they are not coaching you and may be leading you somewhere that is not right for you.

You have to own it. At the end of the coaching process, you take the credit as the lead actor or actress. The coach can only win best supporting actor/actress if you succeed. It is all about you! This is YOUR life.

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