I might not be the right coach for you

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May 8, 2018
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July 20, 2018
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I might not be the right coach for you

Hey, it happens.  We may not be a fit for each other.  And here’s a few reasons why…


You think coaching is a ‘nice to have’

You might not be really ready for a change.  You might want a change and might even need a change, but unless you are ready to work at the change, you are not ready.  What are you willing to do to improve your situation?  How committed will you be?


You might just need a cup of tea with a friend

Things might be getting you down and what you are really after is a little empathy and a laugh with a friend to help you feel good again.  Don’t worry I’m a friendly person, but a session is not about pouring you a large cup of sympathy-tea, telling you that you were right to say/do/think something and helping you feel good.  You are more likely to get a challenging question about what was really happening in that situation and how you could be contributing to it or misunderstanding it.


You are not willing to really examine yourself

I get it, we all do – no one likes to think they are wrong, but there is a pretty gigantic likelihood that you can be… like the rest of the human race.  If your responses in life to others are regularly defensive and you think that everyone else is the problem, you are not really open to learning about yourself.  Facing your own faults is the first step to improving yourself.


You are looking for a quick plaster over problems

The coaching journey is yours.  And it is a journey.  It is not a quick session here and another one a month or two later (well after a certain period of time, it can become that, but starting out like that is not effective).  It requires a commitment to prioritize your coaching sessions regularly and keep to them.  It can involve all aspects of your life – childhood, attitudes, the narratives that you tell yourself each day.  While it is not therapy, it can be quite deep and it works best when the changes are longer term than aiming for a 5-point quick fix list so all is well by next Wednesday.


You think coaching is trendy

Please don’t waste your time or mine… though I get paid, so you are mostly wasting your own!  Don’t do it.  Yes, coaching has become popular in recent years and there are so many different types of coaches making various promise with different niches.  But just because everyone else is doing something, it is not enough of a reason for you to do it.



If you are ready, drop a mail and pick a time in my calendar that suits you for a free intro session.

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