These are testimonials from some of the awesome clients I have had the pleasure of coaching

Female, 41, Innovation Expert & Entrepreneur

I really enjoyed working with Colette. I’m at a point in my career where I’m thinking through how I can better identify and communicate my own niche. I found the coaching focused on career and blockers and that was very helpful and complimentary to conversations that I was having with my therapist. Colette is patient, wise, and has the ability to bring together interesting ideas and concepts from a variety of sources and methodologies; I walked away from each session feeling that I learned something new about myself.

Female, 43, Education Professional

I was able to open up with someone who was completely neutral and it felt quite liberating to talk freely and have a new perspective. She listens attentively and doesn’t force an opinion, but rather makes suggestions. I would recommend her warmly.

Male, 29, Corporate Change Management

Colette has allowed me to explore my weaknesses and fears that came from my professional life. I got a very clear understanding of what I need to do next in terms of my career progression. Coaching with Colette was a real transformation through which I grew as an individual and became very confident when it came to making big decisions.

Female, 31, Corporate Lawyer

Colette is insightful and thoughtful, and does a great job of really listening and then empowering you to find solutions to move forward.

Female, 28, Creative Business Owner

Colette is a great listener and very astute at picking up on things you may not notice that you are saying/thinking. She is understanding, patient and reassuring whilst also giving you space and encouragement to talk about things that you may find difficult to approach. She helped me define and achieve goals that I may not have had the confidence to go for otherwise… and allowed me to talk about things that I find difficult to approach, in a safe and reassuring environment.

Male, 33, Entrepreneur

Colette is an excellent coach, and I highly recommend her. She has helped me to achieve much needed clarity in a couple of key areas that I have been struggling with for years. Together we have improved, among other things, my in-the-moment awareness, which has led to me transforming my habits and routine. She is a superb and insightful listener, and it has been a very natural, comfortable process, that has challenged me when needed and supported me otherwise.